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The Pursuit Devotional

A 3-Day e-Devotional designed to help you realign your priorities to intentionally & consistently pursue God's presence. This devotional is interactive, and will allow you to journal inside of the E-Book directly from your mobile device. Quiet the noise of the world, and realign your life to pursue God, relentlessly.

"The Pursuit devotionals were encouraging, soul stirring, and created a mindset of setting my affections on Christ Jesus. Each day my heart burned the more for God and my spirit was ignited to pursue His will, plan, and purpose for my life and business. Your journey with the Lord will shift for the better. I can’t wait for the next one!"

-Tamara T.


My Sister Helped Me HEAL

The Power of Kingdom Sisterhood Amazon Best-Selling Anthology Series 


Featuring Co-Author Sharnice Sherrod on "Sisterhood: My Incubator for Wholeness". 


In my chapter, I take you on through my journey of being an only child desiring sibling hood and finding it just when I needed it! This sisterhood quickly became a space for healing, accountability, and growth! This book also features the stories of 21 other women in ministry, leadership, and entrepreneurship! Dive in with us as we tell our stories of the sisterhoods that took us from brokeness to wholeness, hidden to confidently walking in purpose, and ultimately closer to our Heavenly Father.

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FREE Prayer Ebook

10 Prayer Prompts for Women Entrepreneurs


Strategic Prayers with Biblical Principles to be Christ-Centered in Business & Confident in your Assignment

Prayer is at the EPICENTER of the "Lifestyle of a Marketplace MinisHER". We not only pray to petition and make our requests known, but to commune with God and submit to the Lordship of Jesus so that we live a lifestyle LED by Holy Spirit.

The goal of this ebook is for you to ground yourself in prayer to increase your faith, seek divine strategy, and increase expectation to see God's hand in your business.

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