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Shar The Strategist

I just wanted a regular job...

I started my business in 2019 as a virtual assistant, while working as a full time office assistant and full time student. 4 years, 5 pivots, and 1 total rebrand later, I've combined my professional background in administration & operations to provide service providers with a solution focused experience, designed to help you optimize time, maximize productivity, and live the life you truly desire

So How'd we get here?

Right before graduation in 2019, I was abruptly let go from my office administration job. I'd just started my side-hustle but I had no idea how to scale or sustain what I'd started. 

Then again in 2021, I was abruptly let go from my "dream job", and at that point, I had sooo many questions for God. I not only needed clarity for what was next, but why I was here, and who he wanted me to be and become. 

In 2021, Shar-Assists became BETHELIGHT COLLECTIVE, (now Shar The Strategist INC) and I took a huge obedience move into full-time entrepreneurship. That same year my business income doubled, and then doubled again in 2022. I soon realized that a huge part of my purpose included a calling to the marketplace.

But that's not all...

There was a bigger plan

In 2023, I founded Marketplace MinistHER Alliance, and online prayer & practical development community for christian women entrepreneurs and influencers.


I am passionate about helping women walk in the fullness of their identity & call to the marketplace. As a counselor and nurturer at heart, I understand that it is just simply impossible to DO (all the things, the obligations, the assignments, etc.) without BEING or BECOMING. 

I'm a helper, teacher, and advocate by nature, and when you get me, you experience them all simultaneously. 


I believe that those called to my pour need healing and harvest, to find purpose and be prosperous, & bold faith and big funds! I help women like you keep God at the forefront and center of their endeavors and build the confidence to walk them out, relentlessly.



Sharnice’s life goal is to educate, equip, and empower people to produce purpose, on purpose. 


She is also a prophetic psalmist & intercessor, speaker, author, and sincere servant-leader. She currently serves alongside local & national ministry leaders, as well as in her own online ministry, BuildHers Network

Sharnice cares for the soul wellness of women and has committed her life to guarding and pouring. She is burdened by God to help women discover their true identity as daughters of God, and to walk in wholeness, righteousness, and holiness. 


She would be honored to serve at your next ministry or business event.

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