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Take your Healing Seriously

& produce purpose, on purpose.

HealHer Soul Course

The soul wellness course for the woman who needs to heal so she can pursue purpose & build! Over the course of 7 weeks, we will nurse and treat the wounds of the soul through intensive care & inner healing to intentionally uproot fruitless seeds and begin the process of sustainable soul wellness

Best for the Woman of Faith who's ready to...


​+ negative thinking patterns & belief systems

+ self sabotaging behavior patterns

+ perfectionism, workaholism, imposter syndrome and more 


+ from the past to flourish in your future

your perspective and perception of self 

+ from wounds and trauma affecting your present


+ your identity as a Daughter of God

+ the mindset to dominate and subdue the earth

+ developing the confidence pursue an abundant life

Over the Course of 7 weeks, we'll use this "HealHER Roadmap"

lesson 1-2.png
lesson 1-2.png
lesson 1-2.png

Natasha M, Christian Life Coach 

My experience was really life changing. I am going through a season of significant change that I had no words for. Thank God for Sharnice’s ear to hear! She put everything into perspective for me. I felt heard, I felt seen, renewed, and challenged.I didn’t feel alone anymore. I am forever grateful for the push on my heart to even sign up. I will remember this session forever.  I was able to take so much from my session and I applied it immediately!

Take the Course

Now free for 7 Days!!! Offer ends May 10 at midnight

Included with the Course

+ 7 Day Free Trial

+ Weekly Prayer

+ 7 Weekly Lessons 

+ Intentional Healing Assignments 

+ HealHER Soul Circle Community

$79.99 total after the free trial; Offer ends on May 10th a midnight


Meet Your Instructor

Sharnice Sherrod, affectionately known as Shar the Strategist, is a passionate administrator, strategist, and innovative entrepreneur, currently residing in Dallas, Texas. She earned her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling at Regent University. Sharnice is a nurturer at heart and uniquely combines coaching, consulting, and counseling principles to serve others with a transformative solution-focused experience. She is also a prophetic intercessor, psalmist, deliverance minister, speaker, author, and sincere servant-leader. Sharnice cares for the soul wellness of women and has committed her life to guarding and pouring.

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