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Shar The Strategist

Just a small town girl...

I started my business as a virtual assistant, while working as a full time office assistant and full time student. 3 years, 5 pivots, and 1 total rebrand later, I've combined my professional background in administration & operations to provide service providers with a solution focused experience, designed to help you optimize time, maximize productivity, and live the life you truly desire

So How'd we get here?

Right before graduation in 2019, I was abruptly let go from my office administration job. I'd just started my side-hustle but I had no idea how to scale or sustain what I'd started. Like many VA's, I started offering more low priced services thinking that if I offered more, I'd make more...WRONG!

Overworked & Underpaid was an understatement! I made the pivot from Virtual Assistant to Online Business Manager, and then two more pivots after that until mid 2020, when I was hired for what I thought was my dream job as an Operations Coordinator. I was responsible for streamlining multiple businesses at a time and finding ways to make the companies more productive and more profitable with less labor. 

Well, I DID IT!! But just like 2019, I was abruptly let go, and this time I was truly devastated. How could God let this happen..again!?

There was a bigger plan

In 2021, Shar-Assists became BETHELIGHT COLLECTIVE and I took a huge obedience move into full-time entrepreneurship. That same year my business income doubled, and then doubled again in 2022. I soon realized that a huge part of my purpose included a calling to the marketplace.

I use my personal & professional experiences to comfort and care for solo entrepreneurs who feel alone and out of place by helping them structure their business for stability, so they can show up confidently and focus on serving, KNOWING that their business is solid, systems are seamless, and possibilities... endless!


My 3c's Formula


Assess your problem and pinpoint the source


Develop the step by step solution to your focal problem


Implement and Excel!

The Strength of your Company is in it's Structure

I'm going to work with you to create the custom strategy that'll help you achieve more by doing less so you don't sacrifice self or be overpowered by stress

When I'm not working, you can find me


Preparing to graduate with my Masters in Counseling [Whew! Dr. Niece Loading!]


Making in-home Coffee Creations [because...we are good financial stewards over here!]


Trying not to swipe my card at Target ['s literally my favorite store of all time]

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