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From Overwhelm to Overflow

For the woman who needs something...more

You've been building but you feel like something is missing. You've been searching for the coach who not only has education & experience, but the anointing & call of God to impart on a much deeper level to help your soul, and your sales.

BuilldHer Coaching

My signature 6 week, 1 on 1,  business development training for the woman of faith needing strategy and guidance to birth the vision, God’s way. You're the BLUEPRINT & this program is designed to give you the tools to develop the structure of your business step-by-step with actionable steps to fulfill the bigger vision. By the end of the 6 weeks, you will have the structure for success in business and the boldness to walk by faith to fulfill your God-given marketplace assignment.

Build it,  God's Way


The abstract thoughts swirling in your head of what to build


The methods and roadmaps you'll use for how to build


The result of structuring abstract thoughts into revenue generators

The BuildHer Way

Oftentimes, we skip straight to selling services, masterclasses, courses, (you name it) without building the structure needed to sustain what we start. You're the BLUEPRINT and you want inner fulfillment & stability, not just another side hustle. You're not satisfied with just knowing you're supposed to build, you need to be educated, equipped, and empowered to get it done ....this time!. It all starts here!

Kaisha D, Virtual Assistant

Sharnice helped me clarify what I do, how I do it, and who I do it for. All of my business questions and concerns were heard, understood, and answered with Sharnice challenging me in being more intentional in the structuring of my business, prioritizing my time plus rest, and being more clear in my offerings.

Curriculum Catered to your Business

Session One: Clarify the Concept

  • Making the idea plain and understanding what you're called to build


Session Two: Clarify the Mission & the Motive

  • Get clear on your why and what problem(s) the vision solves


Session Three: Clarify your Metron & Message

  • Outline who it's for, why they need it, and how you need to present it to your audience


Session Four: Solidify your Offers

  • Picking, Packaging, and Pricing your services for profitability, with a strategy for minimal risk of burnout


Session Five: Solidify your Systems

  • Clarify the methods & software to manage the business and make your client/customer experience seamless & automated


Session Six: Solidify your Strategy

  • ​Create the roadmap to launch (or relaunch) make sales without sacrificing self


[Note: Session focuses are subject to change based on the pace and need of each individual student]


Program Includes:

  • One on One Sessions (Weekly)

  • Coaching Session Replays

  • Intentional Homework & Worksheets with Thorough Feedback

  • Intercession and Impartation

  • 8 Week Text Support

  • 8 Week Post-Program, 30-Minute Follow Up

  • Ongoing Accountability

The Investment: $750 or 3 Payments of $275

Not Sure if you Need the Program?

Start with a strategy session instead!

HealHer Coaching

Best for the woman of faith needing extra guidance on your journey to soul wellness and wholeness. We’re going to get to the ROOT of the cycle(s) that keep you stuck, and create a realistic plan to help you move forward.

"Even as your Soul prospers"


​+ negative thinking patterns & belief systems

+ self sabotaging behavior patterns

+ perfectionism, workaholism, imposter syndrome and more 


+ from the past to flourish in your future

your perspective and perception of self 

+ from wounds and trauma affecting your present


+ your identity as a Daughter of God

+ the mindset to dominate and subdue the earth

+ developing the confidence pursue an abundant life

Natasha M, Christian Life Coach 

My experience was really life changing. I am going through a season of significant change that I had no words for. Thank God for Sharnice’s ear to hear! She put everything into perspective for me. I felt heard, I felt seen, renewed, and challenged.I didn’t feel alone anymore. I am forever grateful for the push on my heart to even sign up. I will remember this session forever.  I was able to take so much from my session and I applied it immediately!

Care Catered to You

This session is focused on your individual need (ie: mental, emotional, spiritual).

You can expect the use of:

  • faith-based mindfulness techniques

  • faith-based cognitive restructuring techniques 

  • inner healing techniques

  • guided prayer and intercession

  • positive psychology

  • self-care implementation 

  • goal setting

This service includes:

  • 60 minute session

  • Session replay

  • Personalized HealHER Plan

  • Intensive & Intentional Healing Exercises

Though this is not therapy or counseling, we will take a talk-therapy approach to your life & wellness coaching experience. The goal of this solution-focused conversation is to help you navigate your healing, set realistic mental/emotional wellness goals, and improve self-awareness, self-confidence & self-love.

The Investment: $100 or 4 Sessions for $350

Join Our Women's Community

For weekly prayer, monthly masterclasses, guest popups, and discounted 1 on 1 sessions!

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