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From Idea to INCOME

The 8 week online business development training for women of faith needing strategy to go from idea to implementation to income, and birth the vision, God’s Way. With this program, you’re going to go from overwhelm to overflow, and build the structure to sustain what you start!

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You have the vision for the online business, and you need the strategies to implement and turn the idea into income!


You're not just starting a passion project, you're ready to walk in purpose and make it profitable!

+ You've tried to start your online business, but didn't have the knowledge or tools to officially get it "off the ground" so you put the idea down


+ You need the coach that can bring together the practical and spiritual to give you the guidance to make it all "make sense"


Here's the

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This program is best for aspiring and emerging online business owners! New(er) entrepreneurs who are stuck between idea and income. This program is not best for those who have been actively working in business AND making sales for more than 2 years.

Module One

Clarify the concept and vision for your online business (or ministry!)

Module Four

Clarify your brand's identity and what you want to be known for

Module Seven

Solidify your systems and learn how to automate your sales processes so you can make sales in your sleep!

Module Two

Clarify your mission and motive (the why) and it's solutions

Module Five

Solidify your brand positioning and learn how to turn content into cash

Module Eight

Create your launch roadmap and learn what to do to have a successful launch

Module Three

Clarify your metron (target audience) and your marketing message 

Module Six

Solidify what to sell and learn how to package and price for profitability


Exclusive Level BuildHers will receive accountability checks for the remainder of 2024

Proven Steps, Proven Results!

Sharnice helped me clarify what I do, how I do it, and who I do it for. All of my business questions and concerns were heard, understood, and answered with Sharnice challenging me in being more intentional in the structuring of my business, prioritizing my time plus rest, and being more clear in my offerings.

-Kaisha D.

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Pick your

  • BuildHers Academy - Phone a Friend Deal

    Every month
    Exclusive Deal for Friends of Current Students! 3 Equal Payments of $50
    Valid for 3 months
    • 8 Online Business Development Lessons
    • Weekly Homework
    • Private Community

Hey! It's

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Founder of BuildHers Academy, and a builder myself! My call, my purpose goes beyond what people see on social media; my hands are always BUILDING. In the past 5 years I've not only built my own online business, but have been behind the scenes helping to build (and rebuild) 6-figure companies, startup brands, online ministries, online schools, and churches. I've taken my experience from boardrooms to coaching online to carefully craft this program for Women of God like you. I am committed to helping you build the business that not only benefits you, but the Kingdom too!


I think you're ready now. After all you've been through, after much contemplation (and I'm sure some talks with God), don't you believe it's your turn to build? 

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  • February 6th at 7PM EST and classes will continue every Tuesday for the remaining 8 weeks

  • You may choose to pay in full or enroll by paying the first payment of your payment plan

    Your payment is due on the same date each month from the date you enroll

  • The Academy is held through Thinkific & Class will be live every Tuesday at 7PM and replays will be available directly after the live.

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