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Author. Coach. Counselor.

So how did we get here?

Chiiilllllleeeeeee, entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart! I started my business as a virtual assistant in 2019, while working as a full-time office assistant and full-time student. Right before graduation in 2019, I was abruptly let go from my office administration job. I'd just started my side-hustle but I had no idea how to scale or sustain what I'd started. 

Then again in 2021, I was abruptly let go, and at that point, I had sooo many questions for God. I not only needed clarity for what was next, but why I was here, and who he wanted me to be and become. 

In 2021, Shar-Assists became BETHELIGHT COLLECTIVE, and I took a huge obedience move into full-time entrepreneurship. That same year my business income doubled, and then doubled again in 2022. I soon realized that a huge part of my purpose included a calling to the marketplace.

But that's not all...

I always...knew

You could say that I've been serving in ministry since I was a child, because as soon as I was old enough to serve, that's all I did. I also watched my family serve in ministry tirelessly and relentlessly! (Yep, I'm a PK!)


Some way, some how, I was always put in a leadership position; whether it was in church, in grade school & college, or on the job, it was inevitable; and in more cases than one, it involved a group of women.


In 2020, the Lord began to reveal his heart to me concerning who I am, but I ran! As a matter of fact, I almost moved to Nashville, Tennessee, RUNNING and REBELLING against what God wanted for my life. January 2021, I made the decision to stop running and answer! The journey began...

Though we will never reach complete healing or wholeness until we meet the King, I chose to pursue it recklessly! I made it my mission to obey God at all costs and agree with his word concerning me. My heart was set ablaze and I came to know God as Father and as LORD (the one we often forget comes in the salvation package).


I've had several visions serving women of different ages and prophetic words regarding ministry, but this year "he did a number on me".


Can I be honest for a sec?

This is not a typical ministry assignment, nor would I have accepted it had the Lord commissioned me any earlier. I don't find it a coincidence that you're reading this right now. You're here because you're ready to stand firm, be confident in yourself & God, and build the vision He gave you without backing down! You, too, are on the journey to wholeness, seeking God for what's now & next.

This is your safe space sis. Here you will grow & glean, share your wins and lessons, and of course, PRAAAYY!!

Official Biography

Sharnice Sherrod is a passionate administrator, strategist, and innovative entrepreneur from Suffolk, Virginia. She is an alumna of thee illustrious Norfolk State University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with an emphasis in Public Administration and Paralegal Certification. She also earned her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling from Regent University and plans to continue her education by obtaining a doctoral degree in Pastoral Counseling. Sharnice owns BETHELIGHT COLLECTIVE, an online consulting agency that provides innovative life & business solutions to entrepreneurs & small business owners. Sharnice is a nurturer at heart and uniquely combines coaching, consulting, and counseling principles to serve others with a transformative solution-focused experience. 


She is also a prophetic psalmist & intercessor, kingdom author, and sincere servant-leader. Sharnice cares for the soul wellness of women and has committed her life to guarding and pouring. She aspires to counsel & mentor young women, especially those from single-parent homes, on their journey to discovering their true identity as daughters of God, and to walk in wholeness, righteousness, and holiness.

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